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Luxury 100% Silk Bedding Set

Luxury 100% Silk Bedding Set - OYRISS

Luxury 100% Silk Bedding Set

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Luxury 100% Silk Bedding Set featuring durable fabric with a subtle sheen and soft touch for all-year-round comfort. The silky smooth texture helps to keep in more body heat, so you will feel warmer. This set includes 1 Silk Pillowcase & 1 Duvet Cover & 2 Pillowcases, four items in total. This set will add a high quality feel to any bedroom and gently enfold you in a cocoon of pure luxury.

Type: Sheet, Pillowcase & Duvet Cover Sets
Material: 100% Silk
Quantity: 4 pcs
Application Size: 1.0m (3.3 feet)
Application Size: 1.2m (4 feet)
Application Size: 1.35m (4.5 feet)
Application Size: 1.5m (5 feet)
Application Size: 1.8m (6 feet)
Application Size: 2.0m (6.6 feet)
Application Size: 2.2m (7 feet)
Application Size: 2.5m (8 feet)
Application Size: 2.8m (9 feet)


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